E-valuate-IT has been designed to assist in a broad range of survey types, including: Strategic feedback, need analysis, levels 3 & 4, ROI, 360, classroom style (end of course, e-learning), induction, paper-based entry and point of sale.

A summary of each section is listed below. To see the power of E-valuate-IT, subscribe to our free full working version of E-valuate-IT for 30 days or alternatively download our demonstration.

Setting up a survey in E-valuate-IT is simple and intuitive.

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To create a survey you will first need to create a project. A project can consist of many surveys. Each of these surveys can be sent to multiple groups of respondents.

1. Creating a Project

After logging in, create a new project by clicking on New Project from the horizontal menu and enter the project details:

  • Enter your project name
  • Enter the project's purpose. This will enable other authorized users to establish consistency for the project.
  • Select a starting date for the project from the Start Date project calendar.
  • Choose the completion date for the survey from the Finish Date project calendar.
  • Click Next.


Creating a Project

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2. Customize Branding

The next step is to customize the branding of your survey. This is what respondents will see.


Customize Branding

You may also customize the branding for each individual survey within a project.

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3. Create New Survey

Choose Create New Survey from the Survey box.


Create Survey Screen Image

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4. Enter Survey Details

  • Choose the maximum number of respondents (25 for the trial version) you wish to have for this particular survey.
  • Enter the name of this survey.
  • Write a focus statement for the survey.
  • Enter the purpose of the survey. The purpose of the survey is published on each survey cover page. This helps make survey goals transparent to respondents, and motivates them to provide quality feedback.
  • Click Next.


Survey Details

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5. Select Survey Security and Distribution Type

Chose from Total or Flexible Security

Total Security allows you to manage your respondent list and let respondents know that the survey is ready via email with the full security of a uniquely generated username and password. Ideal for Corporate Evaluation including ROI, 360, Needs Analysis and e-learning.

Flexible Security is great for surveys where a respondent list is not supplied or known in advance. Respondent can enter a survey via secure login or by entering their personal details. Ideal for end of course, induction or consumer and market research.


Select Survey Security and Distribution Type

Select Survey Security and Distribution Type

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6. Begin Survey Design

Use the left hand navigation to design, administer and report on your survey. You can also manage protocols and security access to your survey.


Begin Survey Design


To start creating your own survey now, download our free trial version, which will give you 25 respondents and a 30-day free trial:

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