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4 February 2008

Evaluation Solutions provides Consulting and Survey Implementation services.

Visit our consulting site ( to find out more about our professional services and specialized online survey instruments.

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Coming Soon! - "Corporate 360"
15 January 2008

Coming Soon! - Corporate 360

This self-managed 360-degree feedback system will assist you in implementing valuable organisational development processes from online survey setup to reporting. Contact us for more information about these exciting new tools.

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28 September 2007

Ask how E-valuate-IT can sponsor a survey for your professional association or community group.

Please contact us for further information.

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New Release! E-valuate-IT Version 2.3
12 August 2007

Release v2.3 includes two exciting new reporting enhancements:

Matrix Summary Report
The new matrix summary report provides a summary table containing each question in the matrix block, mean, standard deviation and an overall matrix mean. A matrix summary bar chart is also available.

The Report Wizard and Designer now includes the "matrix summary" and "matrix summary with charts" report, in addition to the regular individual question summary reports.

Reverse Option Scale
The "reverse option scale" feature enables scale values to be reversed for selected questions in a matrix when calculating the mean. Questions which are negatively and positively phrased can now be meaningfully reported together in one matrix summary report together with an overall mean.

The setting for a "reverse option scale" is flagged at the time of creating a matrix question. The option scale is then automatically reversed when reporting that question.

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