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Begin Project
Begin Project
  • Create project
  • Create survey
  • Select survey type 
Project and Survey Details
Begin Project
  • Purpose statement
  • Manage survey branding
  • Build protocols
Manage Respondents
Begin Project
  • Create groups * 
  • Design attributes
  • Add / import (Total, High) 
Manage Questions
Begin Project
  • Add question / matrix
  • Assign question type
  • Assign respondent group
Review and Approve
Begin Project
  • Preview survey
  • Assign access privileges
  • Collaborate online
Administer and Distribute/Activate
Begin Project
  • Create greeting page
  • Create email/reminder
  • Link to your website
Begin Project
  • Secure URL
  • Tamper proof response
  • Respondent save draft
Report Real-time
Begin Project
  • Cross tabulated results *
  • Pie and bar charts
  • Gap assessment (double matrix)  
Begin Project
  • HTML summary reports
  • MS Excel summary reports
  • MS Excel raw response data  
  * Registered Australian Patent
  Patent Pending

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