Testing Your Online Survey Back

The online environment makes it easy to launch a survey, however the same standards of good survey practice should still apply.

There are three important reality checks you should always apply to build a successful online survey.

1. Preview

Test the survey as your respondents will experience it. Take note of:

  • Invitation email
  • Survey Branding
  • Individual survey questions
  • Overall end-to-end experience
  • Survey messages (Cover page, Instructions, Footnote, Thank-you, Reminder Email)

2. Respond

Submit a response to your survey. Take note of:

  • Do your demographic categories cover ALL respondents?
  • Are the directions and questions clear?
  • Are response options clear, unambiguous, mutually exclusive?
  • Mandatory questions can all mandatory questions be answered?

3. Pilot (with a small group)

If possible, have some respondents take the survey for real, to help identify any issues regarding usability or content before the full and final release.

Taking these steps will eliminate any surprises and save you time in the long run!


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