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Electronic surveys are posted on the internet and accessed via a URL (each respondent group has a specific internet address where their questionnaire resides).

Determine what type of respondent access and notification you require. For example, you might choose to:

  • Send an automated email notification with the survey link and password
  • Send a newsletter broadcast or other communication to your groups about the survey and provide the link
  • Provide a survey link on your webpage, and direct respondents to your site
  • Create an embedded survey link on a website or within your online learning materials
  • Use a combination of methods to promote your survey and provide the survey URL

E-valuate-IT has four distinct survey types, allowing you to choose the most appropriate respondent access and notification options for your survey.

For Total Security surveys, you supply a respondent list including email addresses, so that unique usernames and passwords can be electronically generated and distributed to respondents, and bounced email monitored. This would suit many applications where respondents are known in advance, and their email addresses are readily available.

High Security surveys similarly require a respondent list in advance, but without email distribution. You provide respondents with their individual usernames and passwords; you can also customize the passwords to suit your group. This would suit many situations where passwords can be provided by the administrator.

For Medium Security surveys, respondents use a group username and password, so the requirement to further identify individuals is optional.

For Low Security surveys, respondents do not require any username or password, which may suit situations where respondents are either unknown or are already in a secure area and do not require further authentication.

Choose the E-valuate-IT survey type that will provide effective respondent access, and plan your notification strategy for best possible response rates.


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