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All surveys hope for a high response rate. The response rate is the number who respond [numerator] divided by the total number of respondents [denominator].

No single response rate is considered the standard.

As a rule of thumb, 50% is a reasonable response rate for internal company surveys while as little as 5% return for market research is common. Much depends on the nature of the target audience, the purpose of the survey, the browser variants, and the on-line survey type.

Establish an acceptable and credible benchmark rate of return for your questionnaire in your particular environment or industry.

Use some follow-up techniques to raise response rates. 'Reminders' can boost return rates considerably, and in the case of email reminders are best sent to respondents who remain outstanding.

You can automate an email reminder using E-valuate-IT's Total security survey, which has proven to be very effective. E-valuate-IT can send a series of reminders, which prompt only those who are yet to respond.


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