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E-valuate-IT respondent tracking assists in the management of the online survey process.

Individual respondent identities can be created for the purpose of tracking using the Key Identifier fields. This may be established in two ways:

  • The administrator supplies information for each respondent prior to login
  • The respondent inputs their individual information at login

Key Identifiers may also be useful for assigning respondent passwords, monitoring survey results (where anonymity permits), increasing survey response rates, or following up those yet to respond.

The use of respondent identifiers does not impact on the anonymity of response data. The link between respondent identity and individual response data remains dependent on the survey anonymity status.

To enable tracking of individuals and their response status, respondent identities must be created, with at least one key identifier.

In the Total and High security environments, the key identifier(s) supplied in advance by the survey administrator are used for this purpose.

In the Medium and Low security environments, if individual tracking is required, a unique identifier can be requested from the respondent at login. Where a key identifier is not used, or is optional, individual tracking is not obtained.

E-valuate-IT provides response tracking for all survey types, whether or not identifiers are created.


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